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Get ahead of the competition with R17 Group

We understand that in order to achieve success, we need to stay ahead of our competitors and be innovative in our approach.
R17 Group is deeply committed to maintaining high standards of quality and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction, which will differentiate us from competitors. Our primary objective is to establish ourselves as the industry frontrunner in delivering exceptional IT services and solutions, setting the highest standard in the field.

PT. Rizki Tujuhbelas Kelola

Get ready to revolutionize your business with Rizki Tujuhbelas Kelola's modernized & empowered IT solutions. 

Our range of Digital Age Networking, Business Continuity Collaboration, and Security & Intelligence solutions are specifically crafted to cater to the needs of businesses, regardless of their size or the complexity of their IT infrastructure. By embracing our flexible solutions, you can join a vast community of contented customers who have already witnessed the transformative impact of Rizki Tujuhbelas Kelola's technology. Seize the opportunity to unlock your business's potential and thrive in the digital era.

parthner R17 Group
parthner R17 Group

PT. Alur Solusi Kreatif

Take your business to the next level with Alur Solusi's comprehensive and integrated technology solutions! 

Our exceptional ICT distributor services are designed to optimize your business operations by providing efficient solutions that save you valuable resources and time. Through our reliable and advanced infrastructure, customized to meet your specific requirements, we enable a revolutionary transformation for your business. With our team of experienced specialists who have been serving businesses and organizations since 2013, you can trust us to take your growth to the next level.

PT. Digital Prima Sejahtera

Harness the power of our state-of-the-art technologies to expedite the expansion and advancement of your business, all the while ensuring its utmost protection and security. By utilizing our cutting-edge solutions, including Big Data, AI, digital document transformation, and biometric technology, you can maintain a competitive advantage and remain up-to-date with the dynamic shifts in the market.

Digiprimatera can help you transform your culture, values, people, and tactics today for an environmentally responsible and successful future!

parthner R17 Group
parthner R17 Group

PT. Trimitra Perkasa

Trimitra Perkasa has become a reputable partner for defense and security solutions in Indonesia. We provide highly dependable security solutions that accommodate the specific requirements of the military, defense, and security sectors through a global network of IT technology partners. Our wide offering includes network security, command centers, intelligence solutions powered by big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, all created in strict accordance with military security regulations. 

Trimitra Perkasa guarantees that every aspect of your security system is in good hands.